M.I.G. Cross

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Product Description

Item Code Size – mm Size – Inches Price
GICR015 15 1/2″  Call for Price
GICR020 20 3/4″  Call for Price
GCR025 25 1″  Call for Price
GICR032 32 1 1/4″  Call for Price
GICR040 40 1.5″  Call for Price
GICR050 50 2″  Call for Price
GICR065 65 2 1/2″  Call for Price
GICR080 80 3″  Call for Price
GICR100 100 4″  Call for Price
GIE250 250 6″  Call for Price

Specifications & Features:

  • BSP Screwed Female ends.
  • High Quality Anti-rust Coating on threads.
  • Hot galvanized with uniform zinc coating.
  • Superior Grade Malleability to ensure crack free installation.
  • Synthetic Rubber is provided for leakproof and smooth joining.
  • Heavy pattern & superb in quality and performance.
  • Functionally sturdy & visually attractive.
  • Full threaded length with precise right angle three sided diversion.


Water Oil Air Gas
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